City Print Takes Delivery of New Heidelberg Folder

City Print in Cork recently invested in a Stahfolder TH 82-P supplied by Heidelberg UK. “It is no use having presses that run at 14,000sph or 15,000sph and folders that operate at 8,000sph or 9,000sph,” says Michael Courtney, Sales Director of City Print. “We read about the new P series folder in the media and decided to investigate and have ordered a Stahlfolder TH 82-P.” The folder will replace a rival machine. What intrigued, and then persuaded, the Cork firm that this was the right choice of folder is that the shingle feed method slows down the mechanical speed of the folder, as well as increasing output. That means that the jobs it handles will be finished in an even more controlled way that protects the quality of work produced. “We handle a high volume of bookwork and magazines and have one or two contracts each month where finishing creates a backlog,” says Michael. “When the folder arrives in June we will eliminate that and it will mean we can pitch for more work with tight deadlines with great confidence. In effect, it means three days’ work will be done in one.” City Print sent a manager and operator across to Brentford to review the folder at Heidelberg UK’s headquarters. “The team put a lot of effort into the demonstration and into ensuring that we knew exactly what the folder could do,” says Michael. “We took soundings from other suppliers, but once we had seen this Stahlfolder model in action it would have been hard for any other supplier to change our minds.” Founded in 1942, City Print employs 16 staff. It has an all Heidelberg pressroom, although to date its folding has not included Heidelberg equipment.



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