IBS Moves to Xerox Brand

IBS, a Xerox Company, announced on March 1st that it had moved to the Xerox brand and will immediately operate as Xerox. Rebranding to Xerox is a significant milestone, due to the company’s ambitious plans to grow its document outsourcing business and expand its reach in the small to medium business segment. Xerox now employs over 760 people in Ireland. “Our appearance will change, but customers can expect to receive the same excellent level of service and responsiveness they have come to expect from us,” said Alan Brown, Managing Director, Xerox, Ireland. “We look forward to leveraging Xerox’s global brand and combining this with our local expertise, enabling us to be first to market with innovations for our customers. As digital technology advances, the way businesses and organisations communicate, connect and work is changing. By connecting the paper and digital worlds, Xerox helps to bring organisations on their digital journey. Working with the team I look forward to making 2017 a defining year for Xerox, our employees, customers and channel partners.” Xerox has been operating in Ireland for over 40 years. It has three businesses here, the first is the sales and marketing operation of Xerox in Ireland of which Alan Brown is the MD. Xerox Europe also resides here – it is a shared services and governance business that comprises business process functions, technical support, finance and HR that support Xerox’s European operations. The north east coast is the home of Xerox Technology, a manufacturing site based in Dundalk that is producing printing machines, electronic components and toner for the European market.