Flexo Wash has announced the launch of a new Laser Washer.  The new FW 2000 model, which was launched at the Chicago trade show, provides an alternative to Flexo Wash’s liquid cleaning system for anilox rolls that has enjoyed more than 3000 installations worldwide

St Ryan Potter, Vice President of Sales for Flexo Wash, USA, stated: “Our customers and prospects are excited to finally have an open and truly comparative conversation about the pros and cons of each technology.  Flexo Wash provides the ‘flexobility’ for converters and printers to choose which system works best for them.”

For Flexo Wash, ‘clean’ is ‘clean’, no matter which method is used, and with the anilox being acknowledged as the heart of the flexo print process, the new choice of method to ensure absolute cleanliness for maximum performance is a boost to productivity with higher quality, and reduced labour and material costs.

“The FW 2000 and FW 3000 Laser Anilox Cleaners utilise the latest in laser technology.  The FW 2000 will clean an anilox roll or sleeve with a maximum cleaning length of 1700mm,” explained Anders Kongstad, Technical Director for Flexo Wash in Denmark. “The FW 2000 can also be configured to clean multiple narrow web anilox rolls or sleeves in a single cycle,” he added.