Early in January, we were approached by i Radio to help them produce a radio licence application. The application is a highly complex proposal document containing three parts; one application for North West (200 pages), one application for Central East West (200 pages) and an appendix (1,000) pages. A very tight timeframe meant we had roughly six weeks from the start of the project to final delivery.

After design and layout, our next biggest concern was production. We needed a print partner we could trust to deliver on time and one that could handle complex production techniques. This three documents needed to be contained in ring binders which in turn had to be housed in a slipcover which would be strong enough to hold all three binders. Our natural choice for a project with this level of complexity was Print Fusion. Having worked with them in the past on complex projects, we have always been impressed with their reliability, technical ability and attention to detail.

From a design perspective, our first task was to produce a range of design options for the client to review. Once the client approved a design direction, we brought Print Fusion on board who advised us on materials, finishes and things to look out for from a production perspective.

“Print Fusion has worked with Brandcentral on a number of high end projects in the past but nothing with such a time sensitive deadline. Knowing Brandcentral’s high expectations around delivering a beautifully produced product, the key to achieving this was to organise preproduction fully finished samples. This enabled us to iron out any issues that would be likely to arise as we would not have the luxury to adjust once the final artwork was received. There were a number of nice little touches that we added in along the way such as lining the presentation envelope with the colour grey on the main boxes. We always try to go that extra bit further with projects like this as Brandcentral appreciates the effort being made. The teams at Brandcentral and Print Fusion needed to be flexible throughout the process as the size of the project was constantly changing and the deadlines were being pushed to the limit. With this in mind, a really complex but beautiful job was produced and fingers crossed the client is successful in their tender bid,” said Damien Lyons, Print Fusion.

The end result speaks for itself – a well-produced proposal that fits with i Radio’s branding and sets a level of quality for the content.

Gerard Whelan is Managing Director at Brandcentral