Judging Process

A Judging Day will take place in March for our Judging Panel to view and assess all entries. This will be followed by a meeting to review all entries to select Finalists and Winners.

This is a blind judging process. There is NO identification of the company that produced the print job to the judges until after the winner has been selected. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of the competition.

The judges will consider the following when assessing entries:

Judging Standards

  • Substrate Printability

  • Ink Compatibility

  • Registration Tolerances

  • Printing Complexity

  • Fineness of Print and/or Screen

  • Printing Complexity

  • Tonal Range

  • Defects

  • Kit/Equipment that has been used

  • Image Sharpness

  • Ink Coverage

  • Registration

  • Dot/Screen/Vignette Quality

  • Consistency

Judging Criteria

  • Degree of Difficulty

  • Level of Execution

  • Quality of Print

  • Quality of Finishing

  • Level of Creativity 

  • Level of Innovation