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Cutting is an essential part of print finishing, which also means it’s where production bottlenecks easily occur. The constant race to produce faster, in smaller volumes but increased complexity means that having a high-performing mechanical solution is no longer enough. When considering their print finishing approach, especially with a desire to do more in-house, printers now need to look at their overall production environment.

Print producers require more than just speed, accuracy, and versatility from their cutting solutions which is why Quadient is launching its new DC-648 slitter/cutter/creaser. A new generation of Industry 4.0-enabled cutting solution engineered to enhance real productivity and significantly raise the bar in the print finishing process is now available in Ireland!

Like the other models in the DC family, the DC-648 has been designed to allow one operator to fulfill multiple finishing processes in one pass. Speed, durability, and versatility have been enhanced, but where the DC-648 stands out is through its greater automation, ease of use, and connectivity into the user’s workflow.  The software has also been enhanced to become Industry 4.0 enabled, thus supporting data capture from the finishing device, which can, in turn, be used by the customer’s MIS for continuous business improvement. This brings multiple benefits for printing businesses such as higher profitability, increased sustainability, increased accuracy, reduced setup times, reduced waste, and much more.

Quadient has been supporting businesses in Ireland since 1979. From their head office in Dublin, Quadient offers a local helpdesk, nationwide account managers, and experienced service engineers located throughout the country. 

Would you like to find out more? Just go to https://go.quadient.com/3wysE2h