We have listed the most popular questions below about the Irish Print Awards


Entry is open to all companies. These Awards are open to print management companies or agencies as long as all print creators are credited if all Works submitted  were produced in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

You may enter as many different categories as you wish.

You may only enter the same category twice.

All entries must be completed through our online form. To complete this form, you must first create an account. This contact information will be used by the event organisers to send further information.

You will also need to send a sample of your entry to our office for the judging day.

Handwritten entry forms will not be accepted.

Entries will close on Friday the 16th of February 2024.


Finalists will be announced in March.

Official date to be confirmed.

General Awards Information

This is the 45th year of the awards.

Friday, 26th of April 2024 in Clontarf Castle, Dublin.

All tickets will be made purchasable through our online booking form. When Available.

All Finalists have to be represented (Company or individual) on the night.

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