To support its strategy and facilitate communication and collaboration within the company, Neopost has launched its new collaborative platform: Quadient hub. The hub is your platform. This is where you can get informed about what is going on in the company. It is a space for you. It is the place to share. You can post and share what feels relevant to you, such as business and team news, best practices and successes. You can publish local or global news, share pictures to show the warm atmosphere within your team as well as links to interesting content from the web.

News posted within the hub can also be shared outside the company on to social networks. This can help you better connect with customers and gain visibility to attract prospects or future talents. Experience has proven the impact of content shared by employees is significantly higher than company content and drives much more engagement.

The hub has also been designed for you to have fun with gamification! Points and badges are awarded for your activity on the platform. Specific challenges and contests will take place regularly, starting with our picture contest based around the Quadient announcement to have some fun!

A number of channels have been created for you to easily find our latest news on many different topics and your contribution will help the platform to develop over time.

According to Neopost, you will also receive a regular newsletter with highlighted content that has been recently posted to the hub. Policies, brand assets and major company news will continue to be stored and archived on WeShare. Job offers will also continue to be available on the Career page.

Many team members from different parts of the business have been involved in the project designing the platform to meet your needs and hopefully your expectations. The platform is not only collaborative, it is dynamic and will evolve and improve with your participation and feedback.