The Delta Group has announced the launch of a new brand identity and the creation of three new internal departments. The Group has amalgamated services into three clearly defined divisions – Creative, Display and Technology. “By highlighting our services in this clear way, we hope to give credit and visibility to all our talented teams while also aligning with the future needs of clients in a rapidly changing and highly competitive retail landscape,” said Jason Hammond, CEO of Delta Group. According to the company, this rebranding aligns Delta’s strengths as an end-to-end communications provider combining insight, creativity, production, execution and optimisation to provide clients with a broad range of visual communications. “Our services are designed to reduce the complexity of international marketing campaigns across multiple markets and languages whilst maintaining consistency, increasing localisation and responsiveness,” said Hammond. “Clients told us they needed help to simplify the dizzying process of international campaign management so we listened and decided to invest to help future-proof our business for our employees as well as our clients,” concludes Hammond.