Ian Cairns

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Lecturer in Graphic Design & Printing at Belfast Metropolitan College My role Print Lecturer at Belfast Metropolitan College, I have been working with individuals and companies to bring their training needs to meet with the national standards. Working with GQA industry experts developing the current range of qualifications available to the print

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Michael Waterman

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Director of Sandon Global Michael has been involved in the packaging sector of the print industry since graduating from Queens University Belfast in 1984.  He began with the folding carton and self-adhesive label company W.W. Cleland then in 1989, moved into the machinery side of the business with London based Edlon Machinery

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Best Business Innovation Award

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Recognises emerging enterprises with a strong culture of innovation. These are businesses that seek creative solutions to persistent problems, innovate to carve out new markets for themselves, or embrace technology to transform their businesses. This category is also open to print management companies or agencies as long as all print creators are credited.

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Talk is not enough

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It’s time to do more than just check the box on ocean plastic, writes Conrad Mendoza   Plastics pollution in the world’s oceans – most of us were at least somewhat aware of the problem. Maybe we’d seen pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or had read about seabirds swallowing debris. But the issue

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Accessible packaging unwrapped

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As we marvel at the athletes in the upcoming Paralympics, Two Sides takes a look at the latest packaging innovations designed for the disabled   Anyone who’s ever wrestled with a piece of packaging that seems to have been designed to be as difficult to open as possible should consider that no matter how tough

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W&G Baird invests in robot technology

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The NI sheetfed printer has ordered two Heidelberg Stahlfolder P-Stackers   W&G Baird, the largest commercial sheetfed printer in Northern Ireland, has ordered the first two Heidelberg Stahlfolder P-Stackers in Ireland and the UK. The company’s decision to invest in state-of-the-art robot technology in its postpress department comes as no surprise; W&G Baird is one

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Setting out your stall with countertop graphics

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Whether it’s generating new sales or improving brand awareness, countertop graphics can be an extremely valuable marketing asset, writes Shaun Holdom   When it comes to capturing the attention of and interacting with people in today's fast-paced world, retailers, brands and other settings need to think creatively and consider how to best use their environment

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Green goals mean good business

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Production inkjet can help you achieve your sustainability goals, writes Stuart Rising   As a commercial printer, how comfortable are you with your environmental credentials? Are they solidly green or perhaps a few shades lighter that you’d like them to be? Have your customers or prospects started to ask you about them yet? If not,

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‘It’s exciting in a time that’s very challenging’

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New technology at Anglo Printers has allowed the firm to adapt its business into new sectors   When the pandemic hit, Padraic Kierans at Anglo Printers knew that some aspect of the business had to change. Commercial was flat and showing no signs of improvement and so the firm decided that investment in technology to

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Investing in the future

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Chris Sandwell talks to Irish Printer about creating a dedicated distribution network for UniBoard and why the future looks bright for the paperboard distributor It’s been a busy couple of years for Elliott Baxter & Co Ltd (EBB Paper). In 2019, the UK-based paper merchant acquired UniBoard, a leading carton board merchant based near Dublin.

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