Blanchardstown-based marketing communications company, NeoGen, purchased an Iridesse at the start of this year following the Xerox ‘Colour Reignited’ event in late 2018. It was a significant investment and one which required a leap of faith but the opportunities that the new machine has opened up for the firm are proving incalculable.

Moving from a Versant to the new Iridesse has allowed NeoGen to expand its offering. “We’re no longer a traditional CMYK printing company. The new Iridesse is enabling us to deliver just-in-time products and overall, has allowed us to delve into new markets that weren’t really open to us previously,” said Julian McDermott, Director at NeoGen. “We’ve been able to go back to some of our design firm clients and show them exactly what the Iridesse can do. That expanded offering is allowing those firms to express themselves that bit more.”

The ability to print metallics has also upped NeoGen’s offering. “The machine prints four specialty dry inks – silver, gold, white and clear. Being able to print in a metallic blue or green really distinguishes us; it adds something special to what we can do. Some of the stuff we’ve been able to produce on the new machine is incredible,” said Julian. The Iridesse has allowed NeoGen to expand into new markets. “We’ve begun to target the short-run packaging sector and we’re also in a position to produce bespoke, unique invitations. The packaging sector is an area that we wouldn’t previously have been in a position to approach but with the gold and silver option on the new machine in particular, we’re now able to offer an excellent service.”

Print jobs created on the Iridesse are virtually indistinguishable from litho. “We have a new sales rep who’s giving samples out to potential clients and when he tells them it’s digital, they don’t believe him. We produced an invite for a well-known bar in town recently and out of interest, we compared the halftoning with the traditional litho. You couldn’t tell the difference. There’s no doubt the new press is having an impact; it’s opening up new doors for us and allowing us to offer our clients a superior product.”

Xerox Iridesse Production Press – the facts

Standard Capabilities: Production colour printing

Optional Capabilities: Specialty Dry Inks: silver, gold, white, and clear. Add one or two Specialty Dry Ink stations in addition to the standard 4 for CMYK, for a total of up to 6.

High-capacity feeding, stacking, and finishing

Rated speed: 120 ppm (8.5″ x 11″/A4), 52-400 gsm

Recommended average monthly volume: 225,000 – 475,000 impressions per month

Digital Front Ends: Xerox EX-P 6 Print Server Powered by Fiery


Print Engine

Engine Accelerator – accelerate Your Xerox Iridesse Production Press with Xerox FreeFlow Core Accelerator for Iridesse: a set of pre-built workflows and tools designed to leverage printer-specific capabilities and features.

Media Types: Coated, uncoated, textured and dark stocks, labels, business cards, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and custom solutions

Mixed-stock jobs supported with Mixed Media Xceleration (MMX) capability

Applications: Direct Mail, Collateral, Photo Publishing